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Daydreaming Versus Escapism

Why we daydream, and how to come back to the reality of our life, even when it is painful. “Imagination should be used, not to escape reality, but to create …

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On Taking Responsibility

Do I take responsibility for where I am in my life? Or do I blame external forces and other people? How cultivating an internal locus of control empowers us to …

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What People Are Saying About Natasha Noble Psychotherapy

I wouldn’t have been able to make this jump without you and I’m glad I was able to open up. I have recently started opening up to some friends as well and feel more comfortable talking about certain things.


THANK YOU. I feel so lucky that I found you on the journey. Your support, guidance and willingness to help me means the world to me… I’ll take all the hard work and uncomfortable moments if it means I reach that next level.


You have such a soft-yet-bold presence when you lead. Thanks for being so clear, able to summarize people’s thoughts meticulously and invite such a gratitude-filled focus into the room.


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